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acacia way x studio.tripl3u collab custom cowboy boot


ACACIA WAY! is one of my favourite friends and a bomb-ass neon artist. Acacia gave herself a cowboy boot stick and poke and I thought it would be the cutest thing in glass... so here it is! The piece is meant to be interacted with so the star spur spins freely.

Since no copper foil or lead came is involved, this isn't technically stained glass. Instead, the glass is set inside a custom-formed copper wire frame much like prong settings in jewelry.

I do not have a ring saw so everything is cut, ground, and filed down by hand. I try to minimize the chips around the edges of the star, but due to the nature of filing, slight chipping will occur.

You will be able to choose the main boot color, spur color, and optional spur placement.

This includes a 15-45 min video chat so you can take a look at the glass and ask any questions you might have. Shoot me an email if you have any color preferences so we can get the ball rolling!

Please allow 2-6 weeks lead time these are made to order.

If you are into stained glass we will have a pattern out soon. The file will include a pattern for the boot and star as well as tips and on how to form the copper wire and set the piece. The patterns are for personal use only.