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Glass Pre-molar earrings Pre Order


As some subscribers know, we had to put both my cat and dog down in early October due to health reasons. They didn't much like each other so it was hard to get them in the same room. If you were lucky enough to pet them at the same time you had achieved the holy trinity. Blessings be. To commemorate them I've made a few vague canine/ feline pre-molar shaped earrings.

These are sold as SINGLE earrings.

These are made with bullseye white ring mottle glass so there will be opacity discrepancies within the glass. I cut and then grind down to get the basic shape. I then use a Dremel to carve out the peaks and valleys as well as the interior. I then use a hand file and sandpaper to define the overall shape and smooth down and polish the edges so it is smooth to the touch. There are a few black marks since I got a little too excited with the Dremel. I think these enhance the tooth look since they look like cavities.

Like all glass objects, these are fragile. I've soldered all of the jump rings together but PLEASE use an earring back with these!! I've already had one fly out of my ear and break!

Please allow 2-6 weeks lead time as these are made to order.

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