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I'm opening these bad boys up for presale!

There is only enough glass for 3 more bokchoy in the current colorway-- in the event that I run out I can either 1. refund you or 2. choose similar colors. Let me know what you would like me to do!

Please allow 2-6 weeks lead time as these are made to order.

20% of this sale will be EVENLY SPLIT BETWEEN:

Welcome to Chinatown is a grassroots directory for small businesses in Chinatown. Their main focus is to alleviate the financial burden of Covid-19 and ensure the longevity of small businesses in Manhattan's Chinatown.

Chinese-American Planning Council provides community support to Chinese- Americans, immigrants, and low-income families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.


Growing up biracial in the suburbs of New Jersey, NYC's Chinatown is a fixed point in my life. Visits to the city would range from simple things like getting our eyes checked at Mott Street Optical, Aji Iciban for the carousel of dried fruit and candies, to endless dimsum brunches at Jing Fong for special occasions. Unfortunately, many of these establishments are suffering due to Covid-19 and the exacerbation of racism and xenophobia in America. I may not be on the east coast but the vibrant and welcoming community of Chinatown will always be with me. I’ve chosen these two organizations because they focus on the community and financial wellbeing/ longevity of Chinatown.


我用这小白菜装饰挂件进行义卖活动,支持疫情之下的纽约唐人街。在新泽西郊区中美家庭长大,在父亲中国文化背景的影响下,纽约唐人街是我生活中经常光顾的地方,是我记忆中的家乡。我和家人时常去金丰吃早茶,在mott街配眼镜,在阿吉西班买蜜饯和糖果,玩旋转木马,这些美好的时光如今还记忆犹新。不幸的是,由于Covid-19以及美国种族主义和仇外情绪的加剧,让许多商店正在遭受苦难。我虽然已不在东海岸,但唐人街充满活力和激情的社区将始终与我同在。我会将这次义卖得到的所有收入捐给这两个组织, 欢迎来华埠

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